A  bedtime story for rude children,

A FAIRY TALE   (The Chance )
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 Owl  preferred to eat Porridge, 
  "Porridge  is excellent on very cold mornings".  That’s what Owl said.  

The owl could have been either the King or the Queen of the forest, but none of the other animals knew if Owl was male or female.  Owl was simply Owl. 

  Some of the animals thought that perhaps another Owl would have known if their Owl was a boy or girl, but there weren't any other Owls in the forest and, if there was, nobody had ever seen them.  A few of the animals said that they had never known Owl to lay an egg; some thought this was significant.  Owl merely agreed that eggs could be excellent for breakfast, but had no relevance to his or her status.

    The truth was that unless you were another Owl, it was extremely tricky to know these things. 

   The only thing any of the forest animals knew was that Owl was very old and extremely wise.  At least,  the Owl was more knowledgeable than most of the other forest animals.

    Owls usually just eat little creatures, like insects, spiders, earthworms, snails and crabs, fish, reptiles, and small birds. Some Owls eat mainly mice, shrews, and voles.

   The particular Owl that ruled this forest was unusual because Owl did not like to eat friends.  Owl preferred to eat Porridge. "Porridge is excellent on icy mornings." That’s what Owl always said. 

    None of the animals cared much what other Owls ate, so everyone was happy. Porridge never grew in the forest, and it was quite a mystery to the other animals where Owl got the Porridge.                                                              

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