A  bedtime story for rude children,

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Some thieves were stealing the sausages

Aromat was waking home on a Saturday Morning and  because it was one of the nicest smelling buildings in town  decided to walk home via the sausage factory. 

As Aromat approach the factory he noticed a large truck parked outside the factory doors. This was unusual as the factory never usually made sausages on the week end.

It looked like  Some thieves were stealing the sausages

Sausages were one of the most sacred things to most dog breeds.  The problem was that most dogs are powerless to act upon or stop such a horrible crime.

Aromat was still quite small as he had been playing ‘fireworks’ with the  children that play in the park on a  Saturday morning by creating the ‘'fart and flash’ display for the kids, this had shrunk Aromat quite a lot.

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