A  bedtime story for rude children,

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We have to use  this picture because the rider landed 
 four pages away
The Rodeo continued

The crowd at the Rodeo was the angriest croud that was ever seen at any rodeo ever. "A rodeo without hamburgers was stupid"  somebody shouted.

The head cowboy was crying, tears ran down his face and he kept saying silly things like  "I want my Mummy"  and he kept looking in all the silliest places and saying  "Where did all the food go?"

The crowd became a lot happier when the  feature bull (Aromat)  Bucked the Champion rider 6 meters into the air and right over the safety rail. He bucked one  rider so high that we had to use  this picture because the rider landed  four pages away . .   It was excellent. 

The Rodeo Bull was the roughest, toughest Bull ever.  but sometimes he was as gentle as a pussy cat paying with a Kitten

The Crowd screamed out  

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