A  bedtime story for rude children,

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Aromat knew exactly how he was going to get big

The Rodeo continued

It was quite lucky  for  Aromat that the Rodeo was in town for the  whole week because  everybody eats hamburgers and sausage rolls and  hot dogs  at the rodeo grounds. 

The butcher shop  was already making up the orders for all the clubs that had hamburger stalls.  There was certainly not going to be any shortage of tasty food..

Aromat remembered the words the head Cowboy had said. The words  that were too horrible to repeat. .

 "I have to save the Rodeo"  thought  Aromat . "I need more size.  I need to be as big as  A huge  Bull.

and he knew  exactly how to do it as he had already seen at least one very tasty looking hamburger stall..

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