A  bedtime story for rude children,

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 The smell from the fart was truly delicious
                                             River Rescue continued  
Aromat let go with a most magnificent  hugest fart that was so massive  he shrunk  instantly.  
To keep the girl afloat Aromat had to position himself under the girls chin.  Aromat doggy paddled even faster.

The smell from the fart was truly delicious. The German Shepherd Police Dog instantly sniffed the air and ripped the lead out of the policeman’s grasp. .

The policeman instinctively went for his pocket in search of a sausage
 to tempt the dog back,  but even if the policeman had been  prepared with a pocket full of sausage there was nothing on this earth as beautifully smelling as  Aromat’s  most delicious smelling  Fart ever.

It was the most beautifully smelling fart that was ever smelt. . .

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