A  bedtime story for rude children,

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Toy Burglars  

  always carry  bits of dried  sausage

                                                 The River Rescue continued  

There was a slight bend in the river before it flowed trough the town and there  was a large crowd gathered at the base of the hill.

 Aromat Noticed a German Shepherd Police dog on the bank, there was a policeman too. The Policeman was  evidently there to stop the gathering crowd from feeding the Police Dog because if there is one thing that Policemen hated most in the whole world it is a  fat  police dog.  This is clearly evident  because if you ask a policeman if he has any dried sausages in his pocket. They  always say "no! ".

Unlike Policemen,  really good  Burglars always carry  bits of dried sausage  specially for when they meet angry dogs.  This is the reason why so many good toys go missing when you leave them in your garden.

 Every  good Toy  Burglar know that stealing toys will upset the  family dog.  If  meet a dog like Aromat you really do not want o upset him. 

If you want to be friends with a strange dog you must always have a paper bag with pieces of sausage in it.   

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