A  bedtime story for rude children,

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A Fart with high velocity 

can propel a Farten Hound at great speed.

                                         River rescue continued  
 Farting in water is quite strange, the Fart needs to turn into a big bubble and float to the top of the water before it can escape. 

Little farts cause little bubbles and big farts cause big bubbles. Sometimes a  fart makes a ‘Pop’ sound and sometimes it is silent.
 Quite like an ordinary fart really. . 

 Farts pointed directly backwards can work  a little bit like a jet ski motor. An escaping Fart with high velocity can propel a Farten Hound at great speed,  and if any dog in the world could fart with high velocity and with great force it was  Aromat.

It only took Aromat a short while before he caught up with the girl. It had only taken a couple of short fart bursts to reach her and Aromat’s size had not shrunk very much. 

 He was still big enough for the girl to wrap her arms around his neck.   and  Aromat doggy paddled with all four legs, but   Aromat knew he was no longer big enough to create a big enough fart to get them both to the bank.

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