A  bedtime story for rude children,

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  Aromat, without any thought jumped into the raging torrent

                                        River Rescue continued 
Screams  are peculiar things. Sometimes when little girls see a spider they will  scream . . Sometimes little girls will  scream when somebody stops them from pulling the legs off the same spider.    

 A  Mothers scream is the most horrible and scary sound in the whole wide world. . Aromat knew these things and  Aromat’s   blood ran cold . .

The girl playing in the water slipped and she tumbled out of the shallow water and into the deep rolling red brown, frothing, murky, water.  
Her legs were in the air, then she rolled over and her arms were flailing everywhere.   Aromat without any thought jumped into the raging   torrent

Suddenly the legs and arms were all that could be seen and the girl began rolling and splashing swiftly  carried by the strong current down the river

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