A  bedtime story for rude children,

The Chance 8

The Chance 8

Little Miss Wallaby and Wally looked at the Chance with amazement.  Neither of them had ever seen anything as Beautiful as this ever.

"Do you want to share it with me?"  Asked Wally.

Miss Wallaby smiled and said  "We can build a beautiful place to keep it on the hill among the rocks"

"I am a Rock Wallaby," said Wally

" So am I, "  said little Miss Wallaby.

It was quite a long time later that Owl called around to visit the Wallabies.  The couple had built a beautiful house on the hill to keep their chance. When Owl called in to visit they were not alone. there were several little Wallies hopping around.

The Chance had been mounted on the main wall of their home.  When the Owl inspected it he said.  " This is the best chance I have ever seen In the whole forest ".

                                        "  We can build a beautiful place "

End of Story