A  bedtime story for rude children,

The Chance 7

The glinting of the falling spoon reflected in the sky
 like a falling star,


 It was about this time when Bower Bird was searching for something pretty to decorate his new nest.  This was something he always did this time of the year.  Bowerbirds wife absolutely loved bright colors and shiny things so Bower Bird collected as many glittering objects as he could find to make their new home look pretty.

It was extremely lucky that bower bird came across a small silver teaspoon glinting in the sunlight that somebody had probably lost while having a picnic beside the river. It was almost exactly what he was looking for.  The teaspoon was a little on the bigger side than he could comfortably fly with, but he decided he wanted it anyway. It was quite of a struggle to take off into the sky but he did make a successful take off.  As it happened the teaspoon was just a little bit harder to fly with than Bowerbird had hoped for.  It slipped a little bit in Bowerbirds beak and it was impossible to keep hold of.  The small silver spoon dropped from the sky, spinning and twirling, glinting and flashing in the  Sunlight.

The glinting of the falling spoon reflected in the sky like a falling star or even a  sparkling diamond.  Spinning and twisting downwards into the small clearing where Wally and his new friend were looking upwards.   Wallaby Shouted out loud, or maybe it was more a scream of delight.  Little Miss Wallaby saw it too,  She shouted to Wallaby so loudly that he could easily have heard her even if he had been back where the Owl was sitting in the tree.  “It is a chance !"

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