A  bedtime story for rude children,

The Chance 6

Wally thought it was important to check out the clouds,



Wally thought it was important to check out the clouds,  it seemed quite sensible, If you do not know what you are looking for actually looks like, then it might easily be missed if it looked different.  If you thought you were looking for something big and round and it was actually small and fluffy, maybe even floating? Then missing it would be quite easy. Wallaby never saw anything that looked anything remotely like a chance. There was nothing he could see that did not exactly like what he knew it was. 

It was not long before little Miss Wallaby came hopping into the small clearing.

 “Hello,” said little Miss Wallaby, when she saw Wally

 “Hello,”  said Wally then added,  “I am looking for my Chance,  Owl told me that there is one somewhere down here by the river especially for me.  I intend to find it”

Little Miss Wallaby was a little bit suspect of Wally but thought that she ought to find out exactly what Wally was talking about.  “What does it look like”

“I expect it is very beautiful’  said Wally.

“I expect it is”  said little Miss Wallaby.

“Do you know that  Bilby never had one, Mrs. Bilby told me that he never had a chance?”

“No,” said Little Miss.

“Well, he didn’t. Now his leg hurts”   Wallaby shed a small tear.

The two of them sat quietly under the Gum tree, thinking about Mrs. Bilby.

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