A  bedtime story for rude children,

The Chance 5

Donkey had accidentally trod on Bilby.


 It was only after a very short distance that Wallaby came across a horrible accident.   Bilby had been hurt. It had been completely sudden,   A Brumby that had been trotting along the narrow track that winds it’s way to the river had accidentally trod on Bilby.   Bilby's  leg was very sore.

 “It all happened so quickly,” said Mrs. Bilby.  She was in tears,  “One minute he was happily sunbathing in the short grass, the next minute it was all over. it is all very upsetting.  He never had a chance”.   cried, Mrs. Bilby. 

   “Never had a chance?”  repeated Wallaby.

   “Never had a chance !”   repeated Mrs. Bilby.

Quite naturally Wallaby was in total shock and had to sit in the shade for a few minutes.  It was only now that Wallaby started to realize how important it was to have a chance. Wally had seen the result first hand of what could happen, simply because  Bilby never had one.  Wally was starting to realize exactly how important it is to have a chance.

It was a quite long while before Mrs. Bilbys friends had found her.  With their comforting well in place, Wallaby felt it was about the right and sensible time to leave.

It was only a short while later that Wally found himself sitting in the afternoon sun in a very comfortable place on the hill quite near the river.  A sprinkling of shade from a big Gum Tree made it an excellent place to view along the river bank in search of the Chance.  Wally began Looking left and right, into the grass, along with the river bank, up the trees and even into the clouds. 

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