A  bedtime story for rude children,

The Chance 4

Owl told Wallaby that to collect his chance 
 " go down to the river "


 It was at this precise point in time when Owl announced. "BY MY  ROYAL DECREE  I WILL CREATE A CHANCE FOR EVERYBODY". and then the Owl actual did,  Owl created a huge chance.   The most peculiar consequence was that young Wallaby actually saw it, but he never properly understood exactly where it was.

"Where is it ?"  Asked Wallaby.

It was quite well known that Wally was a little bit gullible.  This was most likely because he was quite young.  He was a lively and enthusiastic animal, but sometimes he was inclined to jump first without knowing quite where he was going to land. It was for this very same reason that Wally had seen the chance that the Owl had invented.  Wallaby wanted to see the Chance very badly. 

There had been many occasions that Wallabies  Mother had shaken her head in despair when Wally accidentally hopped into another Gum tree, and while  Wallabies Mother was watching what Wallaby was attempting she quite regularly shouted at him  "Wally you never had a Chance". Now things would be different.  The Wise old Owl had given Wallaby a very nice chance and he did not intend to lose it.

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