A  bedtime story for rude children,

The Chance 3

I am inventing a new colour stated  Owl.

(  No,  Owls new colour  was certainly not any of these old colours )


Owl was extremely intelligent.  This is precisely what Owl told everybody. To prove this point one-afternoon Owl invented a completely new color. 

   It was Wallaby that discovered this one morning when he asked Owl what he was doing perched on a tree branch.

   “I am inventing a new color”  stated Owl.

   “What color is it?”  asked Wallaby.  It would seem that Wallaby had forgotten how silly it was to ask Owl questions.  But Wallaby had asked and it was therefore right and correct that  Wallaby should suffer the consequences.

     Owl puffed out some chest feathers, and stated arrogantly   “My dear Wally  I am vastly more intelligent than you, I can see and understand complex concepts that your own small mind could never grasp.     On even the merest physical level you can barely jump.  On a  purely intellectual level, you can scarcely hop.     Me, myself,"   Boasted Owl, "on a both physical and intellectual status can fly and soar above and beyond anything you could possibly dream": and then the  Owl continued  “Wally, I sometimes wonder about the imaginations and awe you must feel every time we encounter one other.  Tell me young Wallaby, when you look at me. What do you see?”

     “I see one crazy bird” answered  Wally humbly.

Wallaby was perfectly correct in his assessment of Owl. The Owl was truly as nutty as a fruit cake and like every other animal in the forest Wallaby accepted Owls superb intelligence as a powerful contribution to the whole existence of the forest and its inhabitants.  Wallaby wondered what the new color might look like and secretly hoped that one day he might get a glimpse of it.

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