A  bedtime story for rude children,

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  Do you know anything about  landing?
The Balloon 3

Sometimes when balloons get blown up,  especially with warm farts.   Balloons can  float up into the air and be blown away.    It was about this time that Aromat noticed that his front legs never quite touched the ground anymore.   The writing on the balloon was now big enough to read.  It said   "Balloon Guaranteed never ever to burst  - not even with a pin.    Indestructible balloon company. Com"

  Aromat floated upwards and towards a tree.    A cockatoo sat in the tree and as Aromat floated past it shouted  in a very loud screechy voice    " What are you doing"    Cockatoos are very noisy birds.

 “My name is Aromat.   I am a Farten hound"  Shouted Aromat.  “ I am having a flying lesson today, "   

Then Aromat politely asked the Cockatoo   "Do you know anything about  landing?"

"It is all in the wings - It is all in the wings !"    screeched  the Cockatoo.

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