A  bedtime story for rude children,

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The Balloon 2

Raindrops started to splash and dance like a thousand tiny  fairies all across the painted concrete.  Aromat playfully dragged the balloon behind him as the rain made the concrete slippery.   He ran as fast as he could with his front legs. Then Stopped as fast as he could.  The balloon would keep on sliding,  spinning him in circles.     Aromat still could not read the tiny writing on the balloon.

As Aromat played   'slippy slider ''   he began to eat any bits of sausage and mincemeat that he found on the floor of the barbecue area. He even ate bits of party pie that he came across while slipping on the wet veranda.

Very  Very slowly,  and quite noticeable  Aromat was getting bigger,  the balloon was getting tighter.

 In one silly moment when  Aromat felt he was getting a bit too big, he farted.   The Fart could not get out of the balloon.

The balloon got very big and Aromat got smaller.   Not quite small enough to get shot out of the balloon like a cork.  But Just small enough to be get stuck  tight.

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