A  bedtime story for rude children,

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It is quite cozy in here 

The Balloon

Because a  girl had been  playing a guitar at the barbecue and  Aromat had been farting  in tune and imitating the drums Aromat had shrunk to where he was quite small.   The constant  "Doof  Doof  Doof" of the drum beat had  used up a lot of farts.

Aromat had no other option than to eat all the hamburgers and leftover sausages at the barbecue.    (just in case they needed a trumpet).  When the bread rolls and steak supplies ran out  Aromat begun shrinking to a size where he was only able to accompany the Guitar with the sound of a triangle '   "tink tink tink" . . . ( Tiny tiny  baby farts).

A summer shower was coming.  The first drops of rain started to fall and  Aromat looked for some shelter.   On the floor of the Veranda was a large unused balloon,   The balloon had some tiny writing that was far too small for Aromat to read.  Aromat being very small manage to crawl inside the Balloon and he turned around when he was inside.   Aromat poked his head and his front legs out.    "It is quite cozy in here,"  he thought.

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