A  bedtime story for rude children,

Short Outback Stories 

The Bush Tracker

The car drove up to the old bush pub, and a well-dressed city fellow stepped out of the car and headed towards the Pub.

  “How Ya going?” nodded the old bearded Bushman perched at the bench on the Pub veranda.  The Bushman then asked, “What’s a city fella doing out this way?”.

  “I’m looking for some mates that have gone fishing somewhere around here” came the reply.

   The old Bushman wrinkled his face and said   “It's not  the best country to be wandering around looking for someone if you don’t know where you are. It is very lucky for you that I am a bush tracker and I can probably be of some assistance to you".  The bushman then nodded towards the bar and then he went silent.

  “Can I buy you a beer “ offered the City Guy.

  “Sounds like a good Idea,” said the bushman, and turned to the only other person on the veranda saying “This gentleman has offered to buy us a beer George”

    The three men entered the bar.  “I did see some tire tracks earlier this morning,” said the Bushman “Two cars, the first one a four wheel drive, heavy, probably a Land-cruiser, maybe a Patrol.  These tracks were followed by a smaller tread, another four-wheel drive, but  much lighter, it might have been one of them little Isuzu Buggies.  I also saw some footprints at the Junction. Looks like one tall fellow, long legged, wearing  town shoes. Also a weighty bloke with a short stride, wearing thongs, I recon it could be a short stumpy guy? 

"Yes"  said the City guy "that sounds like them".

  George and the Bushman sculled their beers, and the Bushman gave another nod towards the bar and went silent again.

When the second beer arrived, The bush tracker said “If you head back to where you turned off the highway  getting to this pub,  and then you turn left, about two miles along you will see an old truck tire that is a marker for a dirt track that leads to the river.   Your pals will be camped a few hundred yards down that track. 

   The grateful City fellow thanked them and returned to his car and drove off in the indicated direction.

   George turned to his  Bush tracking mate and asked, “Was he looking for them two fellows that were here earlier looking for a place to go fishing,   I still have the map they gave me to give to that  fellow who come looking for them.” 

    "Yep,"  said the Old Bushman, 

    George turned to his mate and asked   “Since when were you ever a Bush tracker? ”

  The Bearded Bushman laughed at his mate George and said “ I tracked us six beers this morning George.”.