A  bedtime story for rude children,

Poems by Oscar

Nightmares with my eyes open wide.

I am smiling.
Wish you could see me cry.
If only you could have seen that dead limp body in my arms!
If only your ears could hear that cry.
My ears cry.
My eyes cry.
My heart cried.
My soul dying.
I killed purity.
I killed innocents.
Mummy loved me.
Daddy loved me.
And I was killed just the same!
Others could see what needed to be done.
No one wanted to kill! A dying soul!
A soul in pain.
A soul pleading with eyes that pierced to the bone.
I pretended to be blind as not to see, the pieces of what once was?
I pretended to be deaf as not wanting to here the cry’s of death!
No matter how I try.
No matter how hard I smile.
No matter how hard I laugh!
The sadness, the sadness. 
Darkness still grows inside!

By Oscar