A  bedtime story for rude children,

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Lovely Wedding 4

Aromat was reading the music and farting a tune

The Really Lovely Wedding 4

Aromat had heard about the Trumpet players accident  so he picked up his music book and his dog bowl and went to the hotel to find the band leader.

Aromat found the band members in the big Ballroom.

 Aromat opened his music book and puckered his bum and started to fart a tune.

The first trumpet notes made the band members sit up straight. 

 They looked around and all they could see was Aromat reading the music and farting a tune
 (Just like a famous trumpet player)

 " prrrro oopp poooop prrrrrrppp. prrrro oopp poooop prrrrrrppp prp prrrrpp ".

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