A  bedtime story for rude children,

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Introducing Aromat

Aromat could  Aromat could fart the sound of a stick banging a drum

Introducing Aromat continued

The 3rd thing- The cleverest thing,  was that Farten Hounds also have  special Colour Glands, this meant that when they farted they could do it in any colour they liked.  It could be a great big plume of red,  or even a Grey smoke colored fart. 

Aromat could fart bright blue - or if he concentrated very hard  he could even fart yellow and green stripes.

The 4th thing  What was most amazing thing  of all  was that Aromat could  fart in tune. He could fart like a trumpet, even play different tunes.  He could even fart  the sound of  a bird  chirping in a tree.   

There were some people that said that if you could make a sound with your voice or a musical instrument or even with  a stick banging on a drum . .  Aromat could imitate it. 

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