A  bedtime story for rude children,

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Aromat could easily grow to be the size of a cow

There are many different breeds of dog.   There are small’ tiny dogs like Chihuahuas.   There are Big dogs like Great Danes, 

Clever dogs like Collie dogs (Lassie)    and silly fluffy useless dogs . .  The strangest and most weirdest and wonderful dog breed   in the whole wide world is the Farten Hound.

 Farten Hound were very much like other dog breeds

 except for four things. .  

The 1st thing was that Farten Hounds  could not Poo. . Whenever Aromat ate anything he simply got bigger.   If he ate a meat pie, Aromat simply grew  bigger by about the size of a meat pie. ..   There was no limit,

The 2nd thing  was even more unusual, and this  was that  all  Farten Hounds  have special Scent glands,   It was quite easy for Aromat to use the scent gland in his bum  to make any  fart smell like anything he wanted.   He could fart with the smell of roses, or steak and kidney pie, or rotten onions, absolutely anything he wanted.

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