A  bedtime story for rude children,

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   By Patrick Davis
   Illustrations by Siarhei Haurylik

Whenever I could,  I told my kids a story when I put them to bed.  The elder son was very easy,  I could  re-tell  the story of the three little pigs,  The Big bad Wolf .  Any old story  and  my older son was happy.

The younger son was a different kettle of fish. . .  "I HEARD THAT ONE! "  he would say.  or even worse at the end of hard told story complete with gesticulations and  the best voice imitations   I could manage . .    He would merely  say "HMMMPP".

I set out to find  a story that he could not have heard. 

 A story  that he could not 'hhhmmmpph' . . . 

So I created 'Aramat the Farten  Hound',  

a story for little boys that  like  rude things, 

secrets and  words like 'poo' and 'fart' because for some

 little boys  these words were the funniest thing in story land  and stories without them were simply  not worth listening to.

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