A  bedtime story for rude children,

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“OH MY GOODNESS!”  The little girl was still wearing her 'going out' shoes

It was the wet season.  The river was bubbling and gushing over the low bridge.  Full sized trees were rolling and  tumbling and bobbing in the red brown, frothing, murky water.

 Logs, twigs and leaves, floating tins, and bottles were rushing down the river faster than a dog could run. 

Aromat was watching some small children paddling in the shallow water on the near side of the bridge when he heard the scream .

That is when Aromat noticed a women waving her arms like a helicopter attempting to take off. 
“OH MY GOODNESS!”  thought Aromat The little girl was paddling in the muddy waters and  she was still wearing her good ‘going out’ shoes.

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